small business is the basis of america's economy

yet the republicans have destroyed small business and brought us corporations that destroy small business.  Yet–small business owners are overwhelmingly republicans!  How did they trick the small business owner into voting against his own family’s future?  Simple–the small business owner is bullshitted into thinking that s/he will eventually sell his operation to a large corporation (take his business public).  They are flim flamming the middle class…getting them to bet the farm on winning the lottery, so to speak–this is the actual subject matter of the last season of the roseanne show–i invite the fans to re-watch it now.  See how the connors visit the kennedy’s, and see the road of misery it puts them on—Roseanne Connor eventually has to fight off a train full of terrorists–the “Monostan 8”  (I called it that in honor of monostat 7–the salve to treat a yeast infection).  re-watch how Roseanne Connor saves the world by befriending an arab woman who is not allowed to speak her mind, and who is serving Roseanne Connor in her first class cabin.  Roseanne Connor kills the terrorists when they threaten her family.  It is really going to start making sense now.

  I loved creating that season knowing that it would be a sleeper and its relevance would grow as the reagan revolution continued to rob american workers blind.  of course anne coulter is right when she says radiation is good for us.