me jz knight and linda evans:


I had a blast speaking at the Ramtha Institute in Washington, and meeting these two awesome gals!


“All that I have really learned in this life is pretty
basic–do not talk about any kind of visions you may have had or discuss any
kind of contact with otherworldly beings, and whatever you do, don’t mention
being guided by or living your life in total trust of the unseen and the
unheard, and do not even attempt to explain the way answers  seem to somehow just find their way into your
brains way before you have even formed the questions.  Do not talk about how books call to you and
how you find the printed words in them at the exact and perfect time, and
always have done so.

   Do not ever make
the mistake to talk about the realities of the miraculous nature of the many
synchronicitious things that have happened to you from a young age.  Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that
there will ever be a safe time or place to discuss these subjects with even the
free-est of thinkers.


Keep things to yourself if you do not want people to think
you are crazy, because the authorities like to imprison your kind and conduct
unethical experiments on the minds of those who see and feel things that do not
add up to the usual boring tried and true worship of bullshit, which is
actually the God of this planet. 


  Do not do or say any
of this stuff unless or until you can make contact with other fellow/sister
thinkers who are not limited by the most boring and backward of patriarchal
mind manipulations, who dare to live life without the usual mental limits of
mental midgets and soul dead preachers and popes.  Or until you are contacted  and invited to speak at the Ramtha School in
Yelm Washington.


  When and if that
occurs, then by all means, go there and make contact with like beings, the
highest and most spiritual thing that exists on this planet.”