tonight's meditation: Kindred Spirits Converge

two am LA time.  If you are sleeping, its ok!  leave your name and your mom’s name, or the name of anyone and their mom for inclusion in this ‘experiment’ of con-consciousness (mary daly’s word).


When the Right Column (mercy) brings the light to the Left Column (judgement)  it opens the Central Column and the Shechinah(Divine Mother Love) has an open path to Binah (enlightened Feminine).

 This secret is revealed in Song of Songs 8:5
“מִי זֹאת, עֹלָה מִן-הַמִּדְבָּר “
“Who (Binah) is this (Shechina) that comes up from the wilderness (Malchut)”

מִי, with numerical value of 50 represents Binah and the Supernal Mother.
זֹאת, is a special word and it represents the Shechina in Malchut.

The Zohar tell us that Binah comes down to welcome the Shechina and when they come together they establish the Throne, כסא, for the Supernal King.

When the Israelites (the aspect of the Right column), left Egypt (the aspect of the Left column) and darkness, they revealed the light of Zeir Anpin (The Endless unformed All) in the world. When they reached Mount Sinai, the central column opened and the Shechina could connect with Binah and the Throne was revealed.

The first word of the Ten Utterances (Commandments), אָ