charlie sheen: I am helping you get your show back bro!

 I dropped the bomb for you last week to Vanity Fair magazine, and today I read that Les wants you back.  You are right about what you think and what you say, and you have been subjected to abuse and humiliation from those people who are making money off of you!  I know all about that, son!

  All you need to do is stay off crack.  You do not need AA, either.  I will teach you the meditation to dull cravings for dope–but you will gain a lot of weight.  It will be much better when actors start getting fat—trust me I know this!  The fat are the hottest of the hot because we are not on dope and so can think up original ways to get down in the ‘exy-say’ department.
  I’m sexy as hell, as smart as fuck-all, Charlie.  I told Vanity Fair that you were being subjected to a ‘hostile work environment’ set up to force you off your own show.  This was done to me too, in the first season of Roseanne, however I did not take dope to relieve the isolation and the pressure of being the targeted enemy of those who need you to make money for them.  Luckily for me at the time, I had D I D, and every time they got close to getting my goat, I simply switched personalities, and kept fighting.  I won.  Keep fighting Charlie…the character is based on you and your life, not on a person whom Chuck Lorre invented.  You have Marty Singer the pitbull of Hollywood’s stars.  You are going to be bigger than ever, if you stay off crack, that is–
crack is whack Charlie…get a prescription to medical marijuana!  You are bi-polar because you are half jewish.  the jews are all about bi-polar disorder.  you can overcome it with meditation, zohar and medical mary wanna!
i am no longer bi-polar, but tri-polar now days.. (the third way–the path of the mother).
PS–“hostile work environment” is the phrase that acts as kryptonite to all presidents of all TV networks.  You can sue big time for this.  Marty Singer knows, he helped me back in the day as well.