A powerful story of a slave revolt:

is told to us in a little known or read book, named, ‘The Book of Exodus’–Twelve tribes simply walked away from a system built on slavery and remade the world by birthing a system of law (which took forty years).  None of those laws were meant to outlast the time they were written for, as all unchanged laws will eventually recreate the same problems they were created to dismantle.  The slave state has never been abolished, and is stronger now than ever before. 

  People can change the dynamics of slavery, simply by volunteering to do farm work. Richer folks can alleviate the suffering of those who are paid next to nothing in order to produce the world’s food. The Wolf program works–read about it–there are lots of swedish looking supermodels in Hawaii volunteering for green farming in order to do just this–resist the system of slavery.  
  I will be accepting applications from Jewish people who will put themselves on the front lines of the politics of food and getting it to the hungry.  This Passover, the Jews can show the world how to leave slavery.  (note to the jewish people farm workers in hawaii–there will be delicious and free cakes and greens for you!–free eats!).
   We will be feeding the hungry, and thereby become like G-d ourselves, which is our tikkun olam.