A new party that has teeth and power, not like the democrats under Obama, who is a SLAVE of Bankers.  I am running for President under the banner of the Green Tea Party of America–the only difference between us and the tea partiers is–we are not funded by billionaire brothers who wish to see the working people of this country enslaved to bankers, the fed, and endless wars.  The green tea party does not just bitch and moan, and collect it’s government check.  The Green Tea Party seeks solutions to modern day problems (all of which are solvable, once all religion is removed from the equation) and its adherents can actually grasp the concept of SOLUTIONS. 

   For those who have been victimized and marginalized by patriarchal religions–we have liberated the longing for community, which is the real reason people join ‘religions’  into our own church–the Church of Common Sense.  Our gospels are based on practical and easy methods of recognizing and defining a problem, and then solving it quickly and cheaply.  All who want the problems to continue (so that they can profit from them personally–and there is no other reason) will be removed from the problem solvers’ way, by whatever means neccessary. 
   I am making the blessed and holy Guillotine the foundation of a new system of justice.  Beheading of the proven guilty—is a fast and painless means of the execution of justice, as well as of execution itself.  The guilty are only a handful of ultra rich elitists—the queen and the pope and the Koch Brothers, the rothschilds and the house of Saud, as well as the Bush family, and any others who keep more than 100 million dollars for themselves in a world of hungry people in rags.
  I call upon the world’s problem solvers to find, and arrest those criminals loafers and cheats who have stolen working peoples’ money.  We will give them a choice of pleading guilty and giving back what they have stolen, or of trial by a new system of justice not heavily weighted in their favor as now.
  the words of the Immortal Masters inform our thinking.