Today I was so happy to be able to locate and take custody

of my grandmother’s sewing machine, which I have looked for, for nearly sixteen years.  My ex-husband, Tom Arnold sold it to someone when he sold his house and everything in it to the new buyer.  He told the new buyer that it was my grandmother’s and that he was selling it with the rest of the house.  For years I heard that someone had it, and I attempted to meet and talk to the man, which was really difficult to do.  He kept telling people that he was going to give it back to me (it was stolen from me by Tom Arnold), but never got around to it.  The lawyer I am using to defend myself against my third husband, Ben Thomas, knew the guy and talked him into returning it to me.  He took five hundred dollars for it, after sixteen years.  There are all kinds of lovely folks in LA, and they are very much part of the reason that I moved out of there.  Like Chuck Lorre, Tom has been able to hide his real self behind all of that AA crap. There are still many other things of my grandmother’s that Tom took away from me.  There is an antique refrigerator, a cupboard, a chair and a couch that I inherited from her when she died.  If anyone out there has bought any of it from Tom Arnold, please contact me here and I will buy it back from you.