charlie sheen is winning, i have decided–

He is off two and a half men, and will hopefully get the money they owe him.  No longer will he have to be publicly hated derided and humiliated by intelligent women, and perhaps one might befriend him, which would so change his life.  Knowing at least one woman who is not a coke whore might be good for Charlie.  They say you should try something new sometimes.  

   At least he can see the light at the end of the tunnel—off tv with millions in the bank, and no more of the freezing cold and stale flop sweat that overtakes one when one is having to deliver sub par sniggering sex jokes over the air, especially at a time when the 9-11 truther commissions, whom Charlie was first to supprt, have now come to agreement that it was all a sell out and a fake.  I have been asked to play a role in the movie they are making about just that.  Lots of actors are in it, Charlie should let them know he is avail now!!
   He must have felt humiliated, caring about our country’s takeover by bullshit artists, but prevented from ever speaking about it or mentioning it on any televised or internet media.  I’ll bet he just tried to mask his shame by crackin’ out.