After all the brainwashing that the united states working taxpaying citizens have withstood these last thirty years, from their pulpits radios tv’s, and everywhere they ate slept and worked, 24/7, they instead stand together for unions, and not apart, as their billionaire manipulators had hoped. 

 My sister and fellow americans, congratulations! You see your way out of slavery, and so you feel a power deep within you shining brightly and erasing generations of fear.  You lift all of humanity with you, me included, as you wave the red flag in the face of the Beast Itself.  You are David against Goliath.  May that psychological stone that you are hurling take that giant down quickly.  May the promise of the UNION be heard by our brothers and sisters in China India and Bahrain.  This is the People’s Will–no more slavery.  Passover is coming and we walk walk free this year, in the year of eleven, two lines which signify the two pillars which contain the Singularity.
 Feel today what The Singularity (God) intends for you to feel every day of your lives upon this earth, and what has been missing in your lives!  COMMUNE-ITY, COMMUNION, COMMON GOALS AND DREAMS!!
You will need a lot less prozac and ‘stuff’ now– and that is a Heavenly Feeling!  Please enjoy feeling the aid, love, assistance and like minded thoughts and hopes of your neighbors and friends!  Feel the energy of that healing circle!  Nothing can stop us now.  zohar says: ‘god is the will of the people (twelve tribes) united’.
join me tonight in meditation–to ascend the throne of David the King who slew the monster Goliath.