On Oprah Monday

joyously completing my Tikkuun Olam.  B’H for the opportunity to repent in public for choosing the wrong word when accusing my dad of incest.  I did suffer humiliating abuse from my dad, but there was no sexual intercourse or genital manipulation. I like so many people read the “Courage to Heal” and misinterpreted the words within it to mean that because I had no clear memories and only a vague feeling of possibility, that my feelings were fact enough. 

   Feelings are not fact, and not the same as fact in any way, I know now that I am sane.  I inflicted unbelievable suffering on my family by falsely accusing them of incest in public. 

   I have lost track of reality several times in my life, and been hospitalized for mental health issues several times as well.  At one time, at the lowest and most stressful blackest time in my life, I found myself living in an unhealthy and unhappy environment, and proscribed several psychiatric drugs…mellaril, klonopin, xanax and prozac, which i have sinced learned, is not a good combination of drugs.  During that time, I sang the star spangled banner, accused my father of incest, and imploded mentally.