alcoholics are actually sociopaths, and their "disease" is incurable:

AA is a terrible program that does not work at all, unless by a fluke.  sociopaths drink and take drugs to erase the reality of the shirking of responsibility, and the lack of conscience that they inflict on the innocent around them.  Their victims/partners are being trained to excuse their anti social behavior and call it a disease, and to help their abusers escape the punishment- NOT TREATMENT- that they deserve.

.  Sociopaths are never “sober.”  When they stay off drugs and alcohol for brief periods of a year or two, they move their sociopathic deviant cravings to other things–porn, sex, gambling, lying, banking and insurance sales, hanging out with Austrian politicians, and starring on shitcoms. Charlie Sheen needs to be in prison (most who do get clean do it in prison). Sexual addicts secretely want to go to prison where they know they will get the type of sex they really really are looking for.
  He will never have a spiritual awakening because he is completely spiritually vacant and dead, as are many of the people in twelve step programs.  This man is 40 years old, has been in re hab six times, beat up innumerable prostitutes and shot his wives, and brought five innocent spawn to this planet.  He has been going to rehab since 1990.  It’s time for him to party down hardy and move on to be with his Higher Power. I have no compassion for addicts who cannot stop using. They are addicted most of all to self pity and blaming others for what they love to do–screw with people who care for them.