Review of my book by a blogger here at RW:

   I ear marked so many pages of Roseannearchy, that i’m now reading it again in its entirety. it is the best book i have ever read, Barr None, simply- it is your style of writing,and the way it draws one in from the the beginning- it is so gripping all the way to it’s end-the way you explain the truth of your childhood till is very serious though also,but told with such LOL moments-i had to stop and catch my breath so many times.the satire and humor that you use is truly exceptional for me-as i could not imagine anyone not being able to relate to this goddess work of true art-it just does not get any better than your all telling words and with your wisdom of course! it is thumbs up,up and away!!!!!!! Truly a Best Seller Most Definitely

dashus christ