Queen, please!


It is a sin to lie about not being homosexual when you are preaching that homosexuality is a sin!  The duplicitous nature of closet cases insures the fact that they will be judged by God employing the exact same standards they themselves use to condemn others.  Queen, you are as gay as gay gets.  You could not be any gayer if your name was GAY GAYERSON.
  Shut your lying yap and marry a man and be truly happy!  Your unfortunate choice in living a lie makes you not only a miserable person, but incites the self righteous response in your equally homophobic followers…most of whom are ashamed to be gay themselves in their hidden thoughts that only God can see.  By the way, if God did not love homosexuals, he would not have made King David of Israel (a gay) the bloodline of the Messiah.  God doesn’t care if you are gay, but he does care if you are judgemental and an asshole.  (just sharing some gospel with you all today).