I want to run for gm of kpfk too! Were I Christine Blosdale,

I would make sure that all zionist controls are removed, and that there is freedom of information about Israel and Palestine available 24-7. I would not just have Palestinians who take no responsiblity for being part of the problem on, nor zionists who do the same.  i would allow no one a show unless they also had experts on to tell everyone how the problems they are discussing could be easily solved (all problems can easily be solved) once those who love to argue forever instead of solving problems are arresting and tried for boring everyone to death.  I would never play anything attesting to Ron Paul, as I believe he is a fascist, and I do not like Nazis or Fascists or Religious Fundamentalists.  I would program a radio station for the people who do all the work in this country (the working poor–after all, where would the rich be without them?)  to get the correct information about how they are all getting screwed by their own government, a criminal class of predators. 

  I would prefer to only discuss real issues that affect american women and mothers and their families, including their husbands and sons.  More shows on economics are what are so desperately needed by the American People, so that they can begin to decode the Ponzi Sheme that keeps them at the bottom.  Other interesting subjects too:  Alternatives to Abortion/Adoption paradigm which is false and functions only to further divide the citizens:  Decent safe and affordable birth control for all males.  
 More shows on Genetic Bioengineering, Monsanto, Bankster Fraud, and Obama’s capitulation to the war machine, the death of bees birds fish and the encroaching desert and Pedophile Priests and Popes, and the legalization of medical marijuana coast to coast,( in short all censored news that appears nowhere in media but on KPFK, and even there too briefly) are needed.  I do love the international flavor of Kpfk and enjoy learning about people whom i haven’t quite met yet. 
I would however also demand that all conspiracy theories must be proved or dropped within 30 days.  The greatest conspiracy of all at kpfk are the claims that acai berry juice improves your physical reality in any way.  There is no proof of this and Kpfk does nothing to refute or dispute these crazy theories on health.  If the acai berry is so goddamned good, then let’s start growing it, I say, and if it’s another scam by american snake oil salesmen (who often not so coincidentally also sell insurance) then its off to the guillotines with those proven guilty of bilking the listeners out of their hard earned dollars.
   I will wear no veil, nor cease irritating bigots. 
Yes, I had to give up my radio show at kpfk because I chose instead to run for President of these United States.  I will re-unite all Americans using facts and solutions, and not blame and separatism.  I know how.  barr 2012
Christine Blosdale raises more money to keep KPFK on the air than anybody else.  The fake left is trying to knock her out by cointelpro, calling her a closet rightie.  I have had many many drinks with Christine, and though we do not agree on a few things, we do agree on these things:  justice for the poorest is being denied and the social safety net is being unravelled by republicans and democrats.  What does that mean she is for?