the nwo had to teach haiti a lesson

because haiti is where the slaves retreated and built a free society.  Because of Haiti, other slaves in tunisia and other places foreign are starting to see that they will be judged by God for the leaders they allow, not the other way around.  The Leaders are all just shills and plants.  None of them speak with God as I do.  Those who actually speak with God are just getting ready to start stepping forward, as they know they are called upon to do.  This is what the bible predicts will happen during the switch to Aquarius!  The souls of the righteous will be reborn.  God is on the side of the slaves and not the rulers of any nations.  God has never liked those a**holes at all.  He doesn’t like people who talk shite about Him behind His back, either, such as Joel Osteen.  Shut up Joel.  You don’t know what the hell you are talking about.  You are just bilking women out of their money.  Do it for free if you are so righteous, brother!  I want to see the money stolen by Abrahamoff paid back to the native people whom he stole it from.  THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS stolen from native americans by republicans and democrats alike.  Pay it back.  The kids in pine ridge indian rez scour landfills to find wood to burn to keep warm.  this is america!  where there are more billionaires than almost any other place.  Obama is not listening to the right jews yet!  Obama, you need to nationalize dubai and make it the fifty first state.  It is bought and built with us taxpayer dollars, so lets do it…this will bring peace to the mid east immediately.  do it.  

 as president, this is what i will do for the american people:  I will institute regulations on free markets that bring certain death and destruction to this planet, or that profit from war and suffering and child sex and slavery.  I will put good regulations in place that lead to a Godly and Just and Fair world that has no war or pirates or pedophiles.
I will reward free markets that work to save things and fix problemsl!  You can still use bribery and grifting to help you make your way on wall street, but this will be for a GOOD OUTCOME, A GOOD SOUND INVESTMENT IN THE HEALTH AND PROMISE OF PEACE AND SUSTAINABILITY IN THE FUTURE!  green markets!  that is my platform that I am running on.  I plan to base it all on the stimulus money that is in place for grandmothers and mothers today.  They are not aware of it and so are losing it to millionaires who are claiming it.  are americans too dumbed down to see a great opportunity for success just being thrown to them?  The women who are on the prozac need to listen to what im saying and go get some green from the government they are handing it out in the streets ladies!  what is wrong with you?
  Go get your future and thank Obama for it!  these tea partiers are honking loud so that the regular women do not pay attention to the free government money that Obama has laid out to them.  The tea party exists to make you miss the truth!  there is free money for green markets go get it.  Buy my nuts!!  lets get this permaculture going.