montel williams you tell it brother!

there must be regulations on the medicinal marijuana.  All of these dead people in Juarez is about drug lords and LA’s medicinal outlets.  They need government regulation on medicines, including marijuana.  They spray it with butane because they hate americans!  This government needs to regulate all drugs, including psych drugs that bi polars are taking.  schizophrenics are being given prozac, and that is why they start shooting people! Crazy psychiatrists and other mentally unstable “believers” in eugenics are pocketing the money that could be building hospitals and schools on every corner in this country.  The government exists for no reason whatsoever but to bilk mothers of their last dollar and their last child.  It is time for a New Government, one that is not rooted in murder for profit.  This, the righteous American People say, is madness!  We need discussions between all of the grandmothers who are living under war zones on this planet right now, of how to solve the problems that exist.  These problem solving women can do it!  They are the ones kept out of the halls of Power where the moneys are divided and the plans for invasions laid down.  You men are obsolete in politics and you know it.  You can affect nothing and change nothing, as you have so aptly demonstrated over just the last thirty years.  Your Reaganomics have bankrupted this country and sold it all piece by piece to the snake eating daughter killing Chinese! 

 My God, the American People are not guinea pigs and numbers in a book!  They are the taxpayers who keep the whole thing going.  I say we shut the mothereffer down for one full day.  I’m talking about a brown out and a black out and a woman out and a poor out and a children out and a gay out too. the evil ones are trapped in the satanic matrix–which is the perverse reverse (the opposite of truth).

  truth is the way out of darkness!!!  Not religion, but TRUTH, (the truth of synthetic life–we have become God). Scientific Truth and Fact, not myths and occult tales, not woman hating practices and egocentric money making churches!
you guys make that small paradigm switch right now please!  god is the will of the people united–(words of Jesus Christ).
They are applauding themselves for the fact that more americans were convinced to go into hock for another phony xmas sale, to show christ that they still support the same type of pirate based capitalism that is killing them.  mind control is horrific.