age of miracles and wonders–the dawn of Immortality:

Reprinted from 2008 here:
that the mental state of repentance is the highest sphere possible to the human soul.  To live in repentance is to be constantly aware of our own impulses to correct ourselves and get right with our “conscience”.  If your conscience is not telling you to make peace and to unite with your fellow man and neighbor, and even your former enemy, then you may in fact have no conscience.  Many people do not have one.  It has been bred out of them and replaced with a robotic consciousness that like a vampire, runs on deception and loathing of consciousness instead.  Some live to destroy it in everything, from animals to trees to babies.  The death of death is coming next.   sagitarius offers an open channel to bring mind miracles!  the healing of seperation within is the first step to peace.