In the name of Hashem, Divine Mother Love and Peace:

 “Blood Libel” is a term that means “N*GGER” to jewish people.  Next she will be quoting the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion!’.  The right wing wants to force all american jews out of this country and to be resettled in Israel, a war zone soon to be abandoned by the US.  There, the jewish people are prophecied to fight until the end of days, their total annihalation from the earth.  Upon their last day on earth, the more hateful of the christian religions say, Christ will appear to them and give them one more chance to accept him as the Savior of Humanity.  Those who refuse will burn to death, and those who “accept the Christ” will be allowed to live.  This is the true story of the past, (the shoah and inquisition) and of the prophecied Christian future that Sarah Palin “believes” in.  What is more shocking to me, is that her movement of Christian Zionists is paid for by two Jewish multi-billionaires, the Koch Brothers. These brothers need to get right with Hashem immediately and contact the Rothschild family to let them know they can bring world peace simply by moving the UN to Tel Aviv.  This will bring peace to the world.  

  I pray for the souls of the Koch Brothers.  From my lips to the ears of Hashem:  change these negative hearts!  Let them please begin to invest instead in sustainabilty and health and caring and what is Green.  Their profits then will be through the roof!  Trust me on this one.  repent the end is near, and yet our very repentance can forestall the end of days.  let’s start repenting right now!!  roseannearchy is a book about repentance and redemption, my own. 

SARAH PALIN, I WANT TO PRAY TOGETHER WITH YOU FOR SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS THAT HATRED CAUSES!!  if you are indeed a believer, then consider this a serious serious request.  You reference my people and so you need to hear about what we know, and who we really are.  We are not like the koch brothers, most of us.  I will speak for my own tribe!  I am bloodline of David, the King.