m knight shlamtheham (whatever)

is the worst fucking film maker of all time.  He should be prevented from writing or directing anything ever again upon pain of death.  If I run into this cornball hack at a party this year, I will tell him right to his face that Devil, his new movie blows dead dogs.  What an insipid waste of a sleepless night in NY. I should have taken the ambien instead it would have been more entertaining.  I am going to file for a court injunction to keep this guy away from film.  Also, I noticed that carrie fisher, who got so angry at me when I outed Rosie O, has now outed Travolta.  I hope it’s not true that Travolta is gay,because I have been going around telling everyone that I know him and he is not, and I say the same about Tom Cruise.  I do not think they are gay because they say they are not and they sue people who say they are, so that is all the proof I need that they are not gay.  

 Yet now everyone says Travolta is, including Carrie Fisher. If he is gay, then I hope he is living a fantastic gay life and doesn’t feel that he needs to stay cloaked and hidden in order to star in movies.  Movies are the worst thing in the world, and everyone in them is a nutcase and everyone who makes them is a psychopath, and everyone who writes them is a drug addict.  It’s a shame that the gays have to hide so that the idiot public can buy into a big fat lie.  M Knight Shlamtheham is just one of a number of wack jobs who cannot write worth a fuck, and despite that FACT,  are shitting money for wasting ninety minutes of a human viewer-victim’s life!  shit!!