went to a ny eve party

everyone hated my hair and told me to go blonde, that grey is not the way.  When I looked I noticed that the gals who had duck lips and no facial expressions due to botox or some other rat poison or another injected into the sub. fat upwards of the jowls were considered to be “hot”.  They are hot alright–radioactive.

  Jowls are the worst part of aging, I feel, not the grey hair.  I tried the medicinal herbage of several celebs, and must say it worked. 

   My fave women were there and it was so fun to see other old fat and female actors and to discuss the pleasures and passions of acting with them.  Outside there was a wonderful view, which hid the homeless children sleeping under freeways.  I had made up my mind that if arnold came in, I would approach and say:  “Grey Davis was a great governor.”

  I left just as all the men were trying to kiss me on the lips.  I met a director or two, and some academy award winners.  Saw the fab Jean Smart, and lost my fantastic cheap gold clip on earrings. Drank two wines, ate three kinds of pizza, but they had homemade lox to die for, unbelievable.  Colleen Camp was the belle of the ball, as usual.  I am her fat dark girlfriend.  She has a new jewelry line for bebe.  it’s grand.  cc for bebe.  sixty bucks for a piece that tops Coco Chanel’s right winged ass.
   The sad part was I thought I looked really cute.  I wore a golden tutu and a corduroy jacket and boots and a leopard scarf.  I bought that mac false eyelashes mascara.  A strange woman approached me at the end to say i should use some black hair mascara to hide my grey.  Johnny, this morning said that next time i should say, “My old man loves my grey hair, he thinks it’s hot and he’s rocking my world two ways!”   I cannot believe how much I love that old man, after eight years!   
  My mom is coming for a visit with me to ny–she is going to gain 20 pounds, I think, as she can eat more than any other human being yet stays so thin at age 76!  I am fat again, but tutus accentuate it nicely.  All the men at the party were pushing past thin blondes to get next to me.  I think fat is in now!