best defense (ozone) of the body:

to give is to protect yourself from evil–our best defense for our soul: pray for another who is unlike you.
best way to enter 2011–repentance.
My book “Roseannearchy” is about repentance.  I am using high satire as the device to explain that in my book.  I am trying to ready myself for the smarmy and unintelligent analysis that will come to my book’s reviews.  I hope smart people will buy and read my book so that I can continue to speak out as a socialist and as a feminist and an activist in America.  I am not Roseanne Connor, but she is me. 
  In my book I tell about how after the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life–the fallout and fear caused by starting the national anthem in too high a key–I was redeemed by a great artist, Mr. Tony Bennett.