the buffalo boy has guided me in my steps since age 3:

I hear the words of Crazy Horse, and they are the words of all the giants who have lived among humanity, all the Gods and Goddesses who showed us how can rise to embrace our Immortal Souls, and the Infinite Grace of Goodness.  Happy everything everyone!  We walk into the eleventh year of this century soon, one prophecied by many many cultures including my own culture, my own tribe, whose stories I still love, whose Holy Books are among the Holy Books I cherish.  “love of another who is unlike you” is the key to everything.  May peace dawn upon the Jewish people of this world! (and all others too). The Jewish people are in Egypt right now, under the rule of Pharoah, but the bonds of mind slavery are being removed by Hashem (divine mother love).  The Jewish Grandmothers of Israel are indeed rising to their highest use, that of accepting the children of Hagar as their own.  This is the hugest evolution of spirit we could ever be leading and I pray for those of you who feel and know that the weight of actualizing peace is upon us now.

the zohar tells us that this year, the spiritual work we do will affect this planet for the next two hundred and fifty years.  If we want our own beloved grandchildren to survive what is written on the wall, we must accept the children of Hagar as our own children.  This is our history, this is our destiny, this is why we have Jerusalem.  the grandmothers of Israel are going to the checkpoints where the Palestinians cross and making sure that their grandsons, who are the soldiers obey the laws and behave themselves and act civilly towards their cousins.  This is so huge, so huge!  I told you it would happen years ago!  this is the age where divine mother love occurs to the grandmothers of all nations.  things are so bad we have no other choice but to choose to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons!  (what god says to do). 
 we the jewish people are taught to first attempt peace, and we are not doing that now.  We need to try it for one day only, and see how things go.  If Israel is attacked during the day of peace, then it is time for Israel to just exercise the nuclear option.  This I would do as Prime Minister of Israel.  I would not dink around like Bibi does.  I am a real jewy jew (as the jewish woman from said to me on the phone).  Get it world, you have no choice but to make peace with me now, do you?  House of Saud is within the range of the target options of Israel.  Magog is Iran.  Choose.   happy holidays!