again, Obama, you are listening to the wrong jews!  I am of the tribe the house and the blood of David, and I am a servant of Hashem (divine mother love).  Obama you need to wake up and do some real meditating right now.  You need to tell the american people the real reasons why you are dropping drones on pakistanis!  Why this craziness?  Are we really fighting a war to keep americans free?  explain things to us, or else we are going to get really pissed off at you!  Tell us why you are pursuing such a terrible course as President of the United States?  I am thinking about what you do all the time, because you are sitting in the most important position in the entire world right now, a position that affects the future of all jewish people on this planet (jews are the canary in the mine), and indeed all the other people on earth as well, not far behind.  Why is Netanyahu not being forced by the USA to make peace in EJerusalem?  Is it true that Israel is so very close to being attacked that we need to go after Iran now?  What about armageddon, the christian blue print for ww3…why do we have to keep doing as the bible has warned us not to do? the stories in the bible are warnings, they are NOT directives!  I am tired of people disrespecting The Lord’s (David the King) words to his flocks!  The shepherd told us stories under the night stars of a Great Queen, Cleopatra, who built a Temple based on Justice.  david melech yisroel chai ai vi’ica om.