interview with nightline:

i was finally able to say on television the things that I wanted to say on television but was prevented from saying, as none of the “left wing” shows would book me in order to say it.  i said as i say here all the time–israel needs peace!  israel needs to make that happen no matter what it takes!  peace is the way to fix the stock market.  weapons now are the number one business in the world, followed by slavery and sex trafficking.  The guilty who sit at the top of these organizations, these pirates who enrich themselves on poisoning the poor, and using weapons against them, and depleting the earth and ruining the web of life, they need to be arrested by the Haig and brought up on charges, tried, and when found guilty in a court of law not heavily weighted in their favor, as it is now, marched to the guillotines and painlessly beheaded by the people’s new system of Justice, which is based entirely on the actual word of all the people’s Gods…they all say this: peace is the way.  amen!

when i am president and prime minister, i will pass this law first:  War is now Illegal in all forms.  Any who disagree, any who profit from it, are now considered rogue and country-less.