If the jewish men at the top of judaism

cannot figure out what I am saying to them, then they know not Torah.

here is my humble recipe for peace in the ME–
I will gather Muslim Christian and Jewish grandmothers together and invoke all the relevant Gods inherent in each.  I will then pray for peace to be bestowed by the Most High.  Then we will all have quite a fancy lunch and stop hating each other, and just behold the miracles that immediately unfold.
from chabad.com:

Light emanating from an illustrious chain is wonderful; light emanating from darkness is all the more wondrous. In addition, the light being itself a product of darkness is therefore more ever-lasting, since the darkness has been transformedinto light and not merely vanquished.

The three Patriarchs – AbrahamIsaac, and Jacob – represent the sefirotof chesedgevura, and tiferet, respectively, and are described the “chariot of G-d”; David, representing malchut, is the descendent whom the Patriarchs chose to be the fourth wheel of the chariot (Zohar Deut. 262b). In the time of the Future Redemption, there will be a special feast for the righteous of all generations; each will honor the next one for the honor of leading the Grace After Meals, and, according to the Maharsha, King David will be the one so honored, being considered even greater than the Patriarchs.

Kabbala teaches that the higher the place that the sparks fell from in the Shattering of the Vessels, the lower they descended; the enormous holiness contained in the spark of the final redeemer could only be contained in a chain of disrepute. A descendent of this bloodline will be the one capable of ushering in the demise of all evil in the time of the Final Redemption – as King Mashiach, the son of David.