it is so unbelievably cynical to call it the FOOD SAFETY ACT!!

When it destroys children’s food and leaves them to eat plastic and petroleum derivitives—cancer will increase in children due to the FOOD SAFETY ACT—everything this government says and does is a complete lie and total bullshit.  They call it net neutrality when it’s about shutting down freedom of speech and investigative journalism too–yesterday I drove by the mall, and there were thousands of cars circling and circling trying to find parking spaces so that obese parents could take their young daughters–all dressed like whores–into stores to purchase more SHLOCK AND BULLSHIT while they are in danger of losing their homes.  There really is nothing anyone can do to wake up the american people at this point.  They stand in line to eat plastic and oil based snacks!  Anyone with half a working brain in their head needs to take a step back and unite and organize in order to survive the next two years here.