obama's speech to the troops:

He did not have it in him to lie to their faces, but he tried to do so, because he does love them, and care about their safety.  He feels the weight of their lives and their service deep upon his soul.  He has no way out now, he thinks.  He is walking through Gethsemane.  He realizes that he was elected and put into place by billionaires who want more, and who never have enough of anything, no matter the cost.  Obama!  You can do this thing!  This Hanukkah may the Light of Father Abraham reach you and lift you up.  You need to listen to me–and not Rick Warren and those kinds of ‘christo-jews’…nor to ‘house of ishmael’ but to the house of Solomon and David.  

    David the King=the Wisdom of Cleopatra.  He was married to Batsheba, the grandaughter of the Goddess Queen, the one who hid her libraries about permaculture and crossbreeding/cloning from Rome, soon to be exposed in 2011.  (this is my prediction–).  
  Obama needs to do the Right thing–like David, you must slay the Goliath before Hanukkah ends.  Listen to me brother Barack!
(yes i have solved the riddle of the sphinx).