praying for people:

this is the secret weapon against satan!  This Shabbat I pray for the souls of all Jewish People.  May they be returned to the Love of Peace (Hashem), and turned away from the Love of Money (war).  (these are the two trees).

 This Hanukkah, I,interpret the story of Hannah, the mother of seven sons who were tortured and murdered before her eyes, the real story of Hanukkah.  She refused to change despite the horrid losses that she and her sons suffered.  She remained a true believer in the God of her fathers.    This story was a way of toughening up women so that they would continue to raise soldiers for the War God,(Jehovah) — the one that David, the king of Israel pacified through poetry.  David thought that he could transform patriarchy, but instead he later ended up embracing the love of war himself.  
the love of peace is the tree of life