TSA machines and pat downs are being done in order to get us ready

for the labor camps.  That always comes first.  Free workers, slavery in fema camps.  This is what satan has made of your country while you watched your porn and your viewing screens, and you chronically masturbated or shot aliens from outerspace or watched sports, or shopped or gossiped and dieted and drugged yourselves on pharma and dharma.  america has no men left, they all joined the army (our army is mostly gay, thank God!—It is to the Lesbian Troops that I address myself first).

  I have a Dream!  I have a Dream that one day little girls will matter to the Leaders of this world!  I have a Dream today!  I have a Dream that their brothers and their mothers and fathers will also matter to those who sit in judgement of who is going to be executed and destroyed this year!  I have a Dream today that those leaders of the western world who are Jewish, will hear my words as they rise to Hashem in the Kingdom of Malchut and Keter!  I have a Dream today, brothers and sisters, that The G-d who made you and made our tribes all, (twelve of them) will hear my words, as I send them out into cyber and the akashic record of father time and mother earth—I repent for the sins of all of my people.  someone has to.  We can stop the madness and simply start over again.  We can take five minutes to listen to the still small voice inside our minds.  Big meditations coming every minute for hanukkah the festival of LIGHT!
 Reveal Yourself in Us NOW!!!