i am well aware that this site is watched by the powers that be

I am well aware of that and I am so happy because of it.  Those who read my words stay sane in insane times.  I do not lie, (which upsets liars) and all of the news posted here is crucial and about two years ahead of the “lamestream media”.  Sarah Palin I realized today has been put in place only to make Romney seem palatable to the Repub right.  so–I am therefore throwing all of my support behind Sarah Palin for the Republican Nomination for the Presidency.  I offer myself to the Dems or to any other party as a write in candidate.  I will even change my name to NONE OF THE ABOVE.  that is because I know how to fix this country, unlike every other candidate running, and given half a chance, it would be my great honor to speak on behalf of the rights and interests of the american taxpayer. I will be your voice, and together we will decide what is being done with your moneys.  We will direct all public money to the american public, and guarantee their rights to life liberty the pursuit of happiness, privacy, health care, jobs housing and freedom from religion.