jan.4 My book, "roseannearchy" is published–use those gift certificates

to bookstores you get as christmas presents to buy it!  You will enjoy it, if you are pretty fed up with the same old shit you hear day in and day out.  Roseannearchy is about NEW THOUGHTS for a NEW century! 

watch me on nightline regis and gma, and on my favorite show, Bill O’Reilly’s, promoting my book, “Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the nutfarm.”  

  the book is a collection of humorous essays and rants, as well as the story of my personal lifelong relationship with God, and how She rescued me from a horrifying life inside of Babylon (hollywood).  I also recount my integration from Dissociative identity Disorder, and the healing of my disordered life, and I offer solutions to every problem inflicting the world today, such as mandatory penile normalization operations for all men—a real one size fits all program which will end the lust for male competition and war as we know it.  It offers, too a populist left view, gone missing from this culture, as well as the occasional shtetl noodle recipe.
 As ever, my fans must decide for themselves if what I am saying is actually reality or satire.  At some point they do converge, and that is when we laugh our asses off.
reviews by my friends: “Roseanne kills me–always has, and I think you will be as tickled as I was that she now has aimed her take-no-prisoners, ovaries-to-the-wall attitude to politics. Welcome back, Crazy.” –Bill Maher

 “Roseanne is funny, everybody knows that. But then there is everything else–the humanity, rabbinical wisdom, Mother Earth fearlessness, true beauty, and the ability to stay one step ahead of insanity at all times. She’s always had her finger on the pulse and can tell when the patient needs some emergency care. Nurse Barr has saved us once again.” –Sandra Bernhard