'The "Sisterhood" of Man'–Mary Daly

her definition from her book “Webster’s First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language” of Patriarchal Religions:

god/rod n.1: projection by impotent prickers of an omnipotent, eternally erect divinity
                2:  divine ruler of phallocrats possessed by penis envy, who obsessively compete, measuring/comparing their rods–e.g., guns, missiles, rockets.  
Junckocracy: n : state of man-made addiction to toxic waste e.g. , junk food, junk mail, junk medicine, junk religion, junk politics, junk economics, junk entertainment, chemical and nuclear junk. 
Four types of patriarchal reversals that are meant to destroy women’s lives:
 1. simple inversion
    ronald reagan called “the great communicator”
    the mx missile called “the peacekeeper”
    animal rights activists called “terrorists”
     groups who oppose women’s right to choose abortion-groups manifesting callous indifference to women’s lives and the lives of unwanted children–label themselves “pro-life” and “right to lifers”.  In a society that  accepts such inversion, Coca-Cola can pass as “The Real Thing” and makeup can be labeled “The Natural Look” while women who refuse to wear maeup are called “unnatural”. 
the unholy trinity according to Dr. Daly: war rape genocide.