call your reps and search this–MUST OPPOSE THIS OR DIE:

“Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act Vote Imminent: Would Outlaw Gardening And Saving Seeds”…

they are pulling a north korea on us–starving the ‘useless eaters’–the poor.

fortunately the poor know how to grow food.  The rich should have to pay a wheel barrow full of paper money for one tomato!  lets organize and do God’s work–grow food harvest water.  that is all there is to do now to get ready for the horror unleashed on americans who grew too narcisistic and drug addled and porn afflicted to resist the takeover of their great country by psychopathic pedo pirates. 

organic farms are a great investment right now–you will double your money and make huge profit if you get in on the barter system of organic foods and people’s markets right away!