people are welcome to come here and blog—

let me know.  I support freedom of speech.  I am free to pose some regulations on the markets here, so–no porn no swearing or name calling and anything divisive.  Let’s all do what Jon Stewart suggests—let’s talk to each other in a civil manner, as the world goes up in flames.  That is truly all we can do, help other people all that we can, trying to ease unnecessary suffering when we can, and make connections with all of our neighbors on this planet.  I do not care to hear what the beliefs of others are, however, as I am free from having other people’s religions crammed down my throat.  I have my own religion and I practice it every day, it is called the church of common sense.  We do pray and we do meditate in that church, but our prayers are limited to asking our own higher intelligence to come forth and govern our lives and decisions, and to overcome the many superstitions forced upon us by cult terror and cult abuse.