Obama is a slave

to the right.  He kept the people who caused the problem in his circle.  He should have gone on fox news instead of mealy mouthed right wing appeaser Jon Stewart’s fake lefty show.  The republicans/indies who sank the only true left candidate since Roosevelt (HILLARY) watch fox.  I remember being shocked that the right had leveraged the blue dogs to defeat the only candidate who spoke about health care and jobs and an end to the wars.  Instead, they stole the party from her and from women progressives (Emily’s list), which I wrote about here, and called it a feminist purge of the Dem Party.  So many middle right women left the Dems then, and found Palin instead.  

   Not a word to this effect was ever written anywhere but here.  This country is a middle left leaning country, which Satanists  (billionaires and their minions) hate.
   Obama was put into office by billionaires ‘(satanists’–defninition of satanists: those who count their money while little children are forced to be soldiers for them.  Most of the armies that force children into them to commit acts of terror and genocide against their fellow tribespeople, or against those who look just like them, are fighting as “the armies of christ”.  Billionaires profit when african countries give up their resources because they can lo longer keep them in their own countries, due to terror and horror and gang warfare, paid for by billionaires). 
   Obama works for billionaires, who are his constituents.  He fell for their shtick–that they are compassionate/humanistic. 
    Billionaires are the problem, actually.  As I said on Larry King a few years back, there should be a cap of 100 million dollars on the rich, and over that amount, they should be taxed 90%, as they were under Roosevelt.  The Bush family has been undoing that fact all of these years, and they are still winning the fight due to the billionaire’s slaves that they put in office.  I am not a slave to billionaires or to any earthly man or any of their gods.  I am a pro-small business pro health care pro choice candidate and my platform is middle left, which is the way the majority of americans’ think.  
    I will legislate a flat tax and kick out the fed, forgive all student loans, provide free health care, repeal dadt, and secure our borders.  I will balance the budget too and bring peace within one year, and repeal income tax too.  How will I do it?  flat tax, and rebudgeting the pentagon and the military.  Instead of our economy running on war, I will make peace and prosperity pay huge dividends by restructuring the stock market.  It will be easy, I have the ideas that will work and they will work for cheap too!  vote for me, Roseanne Barr, America’s GREEN TEA (almost the same as the Tea Party, but based on Permaculture and Sustainability) Party, and help me break the stranglehold caused by the republicans and the democrats.  Help me throw out both useless parties who cowtow to the worst people and things on this earth. Help me build a party for taxpayers, not lobbyists!  
  Help me to do the right thing for the americans and the whole world!  I will SERVE, NOT RULE!! The American People will LEAD.