anti depressants were used to get americans convinced that they needed to let themselves be fucked royal in the ass by the billionaire vampires who are the hordes of satan, profiting from child soldiers and slaves. fall babylong!

our god is answering the prayers of the children of the world, and He is destroying Babylong. there will not be slavery much longer when all the money systems fail.  we must unleash the power of the grandmothers–divine mother love–upon the entire world now, ladies!  I know we can do it, and if we have not done it within one year, we will cease talking about the nurturing power of mothers to heal the world.  It may not be possible.  Women are all whores unfortunately, especially under capitalism, sooner or later you have to sell some part of your body to someone to degrade.  satan is the god of this world–look around you for proof of that.  you are the tree!  start planting trees right away–that is how things actually get done for the good in the world, according to my grandmother, a torah scholar from lithuania, aborniki.