what was the ideological message in the rally "restore sanity"?

“Can’t we all just get along?”  toothless liberal cable television display for ratings at a time when our country’s very life is at stake.  Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert’s entire “act” is promoting Fox news and Glenn Beck by constantly opposing them on the air…giving them more time than they deserve.  Colbert is always promoting Jesuit (pedophile) concerns, and Jon has not condemned the Israeli horror against Palestinians (and the world at large)in over five years. 

  Neither of these guys offer any solutions, ever, and they both have more right wingers on their shows than they do anything else, and neither have many women, including me, who is also a comedian, but a leftie comedian, and that doesn’t work for these guys.  Coming at the government hard from the left instead of the right is a no no with both of these media darlings.  Once again the liberals (though a bit more moral and brave than righties) fucking suck and do nothing at all in the face of foreclosures and class warfare.  boring as hell…just like most of the toothless rich democrats. I say let’s fill the ranks of the democratic party with socialists and get the job done.
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