i predict that not one tea party repig wins jack shit

and that the american people once again vote democratic sea to shining sea to send Obama the message that we have his back and he needs to move forward with jobs and punishment of the bankers, Rumsfeld’s torturers, mortgage lenders, criminals and bush family lying yellow cake murderous psychopaths that have ruined our country and sold it piece by piece to china, by putting americans into debt slavery for at least one hundred years.  9-11 and the war in Iraq-afghanistan were just red herrings to hide the transfer of wealth to the top 1%–that was what the bush family was/is all about–theft of american tax money, cia drug ops and money laundering.  Cheney built Dubai as his retirement community with the money he stole from starving widows and orphans, so that he and Poppy Bush (poppy is for the poppy fields in afghanistan) could legally have sex with underage sex slaves.  Every word is true–research it. For the Koch brothers to pay ignorant American psychotropic drug addicts and racists to show up and condemn Obama after what Bush left him,they need to be arrested, tried, their moneys and properties nationalized, and when found guilty of mortgage fraud, and theft, be beheaded in the public square in NYC at ground zero, as a warning to all others like them. Their slaves (tea partiers) need to be put to work in the fields picking our lettuce for minimum wage in order to replace the ‘illegals’ they are protesting about in America.  Forced field work for white corn fed american bigots!

No mosques synagogues churches at ground zero–Zero tolerance for religious bigotry in America.  I see a Guillotine Theme Park there, with a Museum on Class Warfare right next to it!  There will be waterslides for the kids and tofu dogs!