Some Things Are So Big We Can't See Them!

The biggest sale of weapons (of mass destruction?) in American History is about to be consummated! We’re selling the Saudi Arabians more than 60 Billion dollars worth of high tech jets (85), all kinds of attack helicopters, satellite-guided bombs and technology – it’s massive. There’s tens of billions more to follow.
Interesting how it was almost all Saudis who flew those planes into the World Trade Center. Also interesting is how we were told by our intelligence people that Saudi sources were financing some of the best-equipped and most dedicated Sunni insurgents in Iraq (shooting at American troops). They stopped once we started paying them better. Gee, I’m glad the Saudis are our “friends.” Saudi Arabia is a monarchy. I don’t think women can vote – can they even drive?
Saudi Arabia is in the oil business, you may have heard. Business must be pretty good. We’re in the weapons-selling business; We’re the biggest, by a factor of four – Great Britain is in second place. We’re the Coke and Pepsi of stuff that kills people from a safe distance. Oil and Weapons – those are really good businesses to be in, huh?
Have a great weekend! – Johnny