beginning meditation–

to get ready, do this several times today—(do not do this in a bathroom)—get quiet and alone and inhale breath through the nostrils for a count of  ten, hold the breath for a count of ten, and then exhale through the mouth for a count of ten.  Do it slow and steady, and then repeat, breathing normally in between each set ( inhaling, holding and exhaling each for a ten count).  Practice during the day, until you can comfortably do ten sets—it should take at least five minutes to do ten sets, at first.  Do not strain, or get lightheaded, just be slow and measured about it—

On the inhale, realize that God breathed life into living things, and breath is the way we continue to stay alive.
Using all of your focus, move that breath everywhere within your body, nourishing every living cell with it–breath is what cells crave.
As you hold and move the breath, see it nourish each cell of your body, know that you are filling each cell with pure nourishment, and you are also displacing the toxins that collect in each cell. 
 See the displaced toxins adnering to that breath and then, breathe them out through your mouth for a count of ten.
there are ten layers of negativity within your cells that must be removed, before you can even begin to build a vessel within your mind that can contain the Cosmic Information that is available to us tonight (2 am my time, Hawaii).  these are the negatives that will be removed through breath–1-fear 2-ego (feeling different) 3-feeling envious 4-feeling judgment without mercy 5-feeling hopeless 6-feeling reactive 7-craving drama, separation, depression, control. 8-craving substances 9–addiction to sexuality 10-addiction to thought and memory.  Breathe all of these things out of the cells and body. know that you are not your thoughts, your thoughts have been imposed on you, and they are NOT you.  You are now ready to prepare a vessel.  You are alive for a purpose, not human at all, but Divine.  Your Divine Purpose is to prepare a vessel to draw down Holy Information, and to contain it, (this is real joy!) and to then disperse it for the sake of humanity (this is real love!).
As the Light of the Sun descends, light two white candles…notice that the flame is white yellow and blue/violet.  These are important colors, spiritually cleansing colors…notice that the blue flame actually does not touch the wick, but hovers over it.
You are now entering spiritual time and space, and you are mentally free of the clutches of money systems, and slavery.
Begin to train yourself to crave this feeling of freedom love and joy above all other feelings–let it do its work on you.
I will find you at 2 am when I am “ascending the throne”–if you want to read about this (merkova meditation) search it here or on the net–WE WILL CONNECT TOGETHER, AND CONNECTION TO EACH OTHER AND TO THE MOST HIGH-ONENESS-IS THE WAY WE WILL ACTIVATE PEACE OF MIND ON EARTH.  we will connect in love and joy and purpose, and imagine a peaceful world of utopia.  From 2 am friday night until sundown saturday night, we will let the Light of Intelligence fill us and do Its great work through us.  we will be aware of It’s power within us, knowing that it fills us up totally until next friday when we can again access it’s divine energy of healing and wholeness.  We can fix ourselves, know this.  We can reclaim our covenant with Divinity, it is in our own cells!
  Baruch Hashem (Blessed Be The Intelligence of Peace and Mindfullness).