someone send this letter to Bibi from cleveland ohio-

 Dear BN—dude you and Leiberman neither of you are cohens, and so not fit to run Israel.  I am cohen and david. resign and turn power over to me.  I know the laws of David the King, and I am sworn to uphold them as per the heavenly memo. I want to see eretz yisroel survive in jerusalem.  Jerusalem is to become a city of international brotherhood, and so may it soon be.  It needs to become a nation state there, like the vatican is.  the rule of law there must be the exact same rule of law as laid down by David the King. ..ten percent off the top to charity for widows and orphans.  caring for the needy, the least of these.  Before the expulsions, my people attempted to create a just government, and were attacked for doing that over and over, as if dreaming of Utopia were vorboten.  I will make as the cornerstone of my platform, the obligation of each citizen to do so.  People must be encouraged to create their own solutions!  FREEDOM !!!  THE PEOPLE ARE NOT PREY FOR PREDATORS AND INSURANCE CON MEN!  WE WANT NO LONGER TO SUBSIDIZE WITH OUR HARD EARNED MONIES, ANYTHING THAT DECREASES OUR WELLBEING AND SAFETY.  WE WILL NOT CALL SLAVERY FREEDOM.  

  David taught us that poetry causes an alchemical reaction within the brain.  In the beginning were the elements, and then an alphabet.  words service truth, in actuality, not like now—words obscure it now.  But–it is still the same alephabet..alphabet.  The word.  alpha, b’retzin.  may the peace of hashem descend on all of mankind NOW! Immortality NOW!  
 the chip must be programmed to halt reproduction. sex without the possiblity of reproduction is the way to keep people pacified to the max!  Let’s make this happen right away–  no more children must be born for the next twenty years.  there are so many of them now that they are virtually worthless to those at the top, the Pope for encouraging more desperate children for obvious reasons—pedo cults.  They have all that money, those unsavory gangster characters.  Stop having children, get sane right away. 
under roseannearchy, males with offending sperm will be chemically castrated after a first offence, and then killed for a second one…(via the guillotine, aka “the blessed lady”).