I Know that I will be chosen to run for vice president or president in 2012, perhaps with nader, or cindy or cynthia, but I alone am offering to also make myself available as the Prime Minister of Israel.  I will and can do a great job for people in the middle, here and there, who pay the bills and bear the brunt of the constant insult by both extreme ends of the political spectrum, as they co opt every issue and keep anything from progressing to a solution. Born full blooded Jewish, I am also a Sephardic Matriot, and a modern visionary, who still has her third eye attached to ancient rhythmns. 

   My church is the church of common sense.  We worship Truth.  Our Holiest Truth requires that we manifest our Highest Dream, which is always to live peacefully and in cooperation with our neighbors, and to have enough to share.  We are not power hoarders here in the vast middle of american values, we just like to see everyone happy and meaning well for their neighbors.  that is what america meant to so many at one time. 
   First the fascists test their mind control techniques on the military and its families.  They are weeding out straights from the army now. They are getting guys with daddy issues to serve as troops.  gays should not be fighting, but loving each other.  God Bless Our Gay Troops!  i am going to meditate each shabbat for peace to come to our troops who have ptsd.  our poor brave ragged and misused army just breaks my heart.  
 So many of these young boys and girls fight and die for our freedom, or are led to believe they do.  their own parents are being encouraged to vote for politicians who want to cut benefits to their own brain damaged and injured children after they return from combat.  
without a huge “socialist” government to protect our injured heroes upon their return to the homes they are overseas defending, they like the rest of the working poor would actually be evicted from the home that they return to. If in fact they were not protected by big government, their health care bills would have eaten every dime they could ever hope to make.
 everything is evil and corrupt–lets simply start over!  If we are going to be a communist state, then at least give the people something back for it!  you cannot have a big bloated socialist government and private industry mix, it is a terrible hybrid that will explode.  it’s a scam, you cannot get tax money and then destroy the tax payer with it!  That is not going to work for too long!