integration and synthesis:

Having looked at meditation and the many ways there are of doing it, I finally sought to integrate synthesize and simplify it so that people can access its benefits. Kaballistic meditation speaks about “the resistance”  which is called the MIddle Way, and many (largely female) mystics have called that Middle Way, the “Path of the Mother”.

  I am indeed on that middle path and I think that’s why people are always confused by me (those who are)—I am not left and I am not right.  The Middle is where all extremes are reconciled.
  There really is a new way to think, and if you meditate, you can find it.  It’s so peaceful to be in the middle, where you are FREE to embrace solutions.  Extremists cannot do that. 
 Our media only allows us to see what is Right Wing.  Colbert, Maher, and Stewart are middle right. There is no Left anywhere in American Politics.  The Left has been destroyed for decades now, since Reagan.  The Liberal Left really means the middle right.
  Middle right has no solutions any more than does the far right, or the liberal progressive right. 
  I am talking about the middle of all dogma, the place where there are no beliefs, and no expectations, only data, only fact.  That is where solutions come from.  I know that people crave religion and beliefs in order to be able to inform their moral character.  I am just saying that the GOLDEN RULE is enough of a religion for everyone on earth–do no harm.  Once you synthesize what that means, as Jesus said, “You are in this world, but not of it.”  Jesus’ meditations were/are the same as the Path of the Mother…they are here and will help you to overcome PTSD and general depression and stress. 
  Meditation puts a force field of intelligence around the most vulnerable and brainwashable part of your mind.  Without it to protect you, you will be subsumed into the Matrix.