anti war activists—

are now classified as terrorists?  This is kind of what I thought when I noticed that virtually all of the “anti-war” groups include the destruction of Israel in their platforms, which I am against. That is why I want to become Israel’s Prime Minister.  I will make peace and trade and labor issues my priorities, not war, in an attempt to save Israel, not destroy it.  I know that regulated capitalism is the better road than pure socialism, which always devolves into fascism, which is what is actually happening in America right now.  The Government is the biggest employer, and it’s employees vote to keep their checks coming.  Isn’t this communism?  Palin gave everybody in her town a check from the big socialist government and then she goes around talking to government employees about how bad socialism is.  It’s a trick and a joke.  

 It’s about dismantling the social safety net and stealing the taxpayers blind, while telling them that WORK MAKES FREE, THE BIG LIE!