Satanic Ritual Abuse is part of "witchcraft"

and is used to program children to obey. O’Donnell acts like a victim of it, as does Palin, and Glenn Beck. 

  There is no such thing as ‘witchcraft’, actually, (there is only the development of the mind, and the will…religion’s nightmare).  ‘Witchcraft’ is actually just the dark side of all religion, whereby fear and loathing are implanted by pedophiles/demogogues to keep their ‘flocks’ silent about abuse.  Everything Satanic was dreamed up by the various clergymen who need to dominate women and children.  Their lust for ego gratification moves them to speak for “God”.  
  In actuality, they are always the ones who call people who understand cause and effect and permaculture “witches”, and they do that because they not only enjoy humiliation and torture, but they are driven to prevent anything good from manifesting on earth.  Satanism is real.  You can deprogram from it by meditating (receiving and connecting to Truth).  O’donnell, palin and glenn beck can all be deprogrammed, and I pray for their ‘souls’ constantly, as well as the faux souls of their followers.  May Truth penetrate the layers of self hatred and duplicity they have embraced as “believers”.  May the United States and Israel be freed from Satanic Mind.