God Bless our Gay Troops!

Although I have less than no respect for the US military industrial complex, and it’s cogs and useful idiots, I cannot help but comment on the grotesque Right Wing Christian Fascists who fall all over themselves to praise our troops, and at the very same time, condemn those of them who are gay.  This is Satanic Mind at work.

  What is Satanic Mind?  It is the lower part of the brain that continually looks for ways to dividie itself from people and reality, as it cannot connect and it cannot find solutions, it just continually wallows in Sado Spirituality, and the pinnacle of that is pedophilia.
  For the poor kids who have been bullshitted into thinking that the wars they are sent to fight are for freedom or for honor or for dignity, or even necessary for anything at all, and whose consciences survive –[-PTSD is what you get when you have a soul and you ‘sin’ against it]–  I have left all sorts of meditations here for those who suffer from PTSD—click on meditation in red to the right of this blog.  Meditation is the most effective way of curing PTSD—(‘treating’ it just means drugs—get rid of it instead–walk out of slavery -[kabalistic egypt]–reboot your conscience, re-wire your programming).
  What does ‘soul’ mean?  It means the ability to feel connected to humanity and the ability to grasp solutions. (my friend cathy writes this word-‘-soulutions)’.