Linda Blair is working tirelessly to make a difference…

Please take a few minutes to click on the link to Linda Blair’s wonderful WorldHeart Foundation website. This heroic animal rescue effort is NOT a case of a celebrity lending their name to a cause. Linda is THERE, in the trenches, 24/7/365 doing the hands-on work required to save not only the animals that she helps escape often horrific situations, but to help people from all walks of life, including good folks serving in the MIlitary who are out of options and whose backs are to the wall when it comes to finding care and shelter for their beloved pets when there’s simply no other recourse in these tough times.

We’ll tell you some more in the days ahead about how we got to know of Linda’s damn-near super-human efforts on behalf of animals and, in many cases, the people who love them but find themselves with nowhere to turn in today’s tough economic crisis, but for now: PLEASE, we’re calling on any and all Roseannarchists and Roseannetrhroplogists, regulars of and visitors to the website, and all just plain decent caring people who read these words on linked sites or hear about them from friends (so spread the word!). 
Learn about what Linda is doing and then HELP. Her website tells you ways you can do that, but let’s face facts: CASH is the sincerest form of SUPPORT and the best way to effect change, right now. Even a few dollars can help, and it all goes directly into this essential, desperately-needed work, AND it buys YOU the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping a real hero make a real difference.
Please click on the link on the opening page and do SOMETHING to participate in this great cause!  Thanks, Everybody!
And Thanks to Linda Blair and her wonderful staff and volunteers!