twelve men with the hearts of the Lion of Judah

I hope they will invest in a green and healthy planet and not just a super-state paying for free abortions and psychiatric care.  Communism is so bad and so evil, we cannot let it overtake our country!  On that I agree with the tea party folk.  But I will go one further…why can’t we just use everything at our disposal, all outer space star wars weaponry, space age knowledge, and get the food to the hungry?  Could this be the basis of the new stock market?  A stock market not of greed but of compassion.  the real jews in finance could figure out a way to hedge their bets and get a pay off when all the deserts bloom as the rose.  we could literally manifest king david right now for real.  malchut.  trust hashem hashem is smarter than you are.  What a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for us who actually have the power within our hands to make this dream a reality.  what a golden opportunity for that one rothschild the green one—he needs to start making those loans for americans soon!  

   That jesus the jew was a cool dude.  I could have hung with him and discussed kabballah, that would be my time machine wish.  I decided many moons ago that the non jew has absolutely no idea of who this guy was, and that it was my mission to tell them, kind of like a jewish crazy horse.  He was like me.  He studied and read alot and he was afraid that Rome (the beast) was going to usurp land from the jewish natives there and build their temples next to the greek ones, and start up shit with the arabs over the dome of the rock and all that real estate. 
the rothschilds can bring the Messiah!  Please do as I say and it will happen, and you will be even richer than you are now by the time it is all over.  Simply move the UN to Tel Aviv.