Rosh Ha Shana is Spiritual Ground Zero:

It’s NOW!

Today I want to begin thinking of what things I have done this past year that I never want to do again.
Also, I want to take stock of the things I said I would never do again last year and honestly admit whether it worked or not. If I did in fact do what I told my conscience I would not do again, then I need to look at myself deeper, and try to fix the problems that make me say one thing and do another.  that is simply some bad programming on my part.
  If I went back on my vows to my conscience, then I want to be able to ascertain whether there was at least systematic improvement in my ability to control my actions/self.  I am attempting to program my RNA this moon.  I do this by feeling all the pain I have inflicted on other people, by my words and deeds and thoughts. (it gets less agonizing every year to repent, since I stopped trying to do anything I would feel bad about doing later on…this cuts down on all the spiritual wear and tear!).
I also need to honestly take stock of the effectiveness I have demonstrated in my targeting of evil and evil people that I use my voice and my heart and mind to take down.  I think I have been very effective against the dangerous confederacy of dunces that runs to belittle smirk condemn and misrepresent almost everything I say.  They have no real wisdom for the most part, and so I have felt protected, as I continue to target and strike at the heart of the Twin Towers of Babble by unraveling its bullshit double talk with my magic words.
 Studying blogs, and comments has become so interesting to me, and I cannot help but notice that the religious are filled with such self righteous hatred and psychotic judgement, and that they seek to speak for whole groups that actually do not exist anywhere outside their own tormented minds.  They are lonely, sad, impotent, and unable to be educated for the most part, easy pickings for Satan, who quickly becomes their God.  If religious people understood that satan uses religious mind control in order to prevent women from taking their Godly role as rulers of this world, things would get a lot better. 
 Data shows that in almost every case where a male has been replaced by a female, production rises sharply.  Statistics show that when a male is replaced with machinery, production also rises.  Men are incapable of listening to women, unless the women are saying the things that men cannot get away with saying anymore. Young men are capable of nothing more than marching in troop formation, following orders to shoot guns and pushing buttons to drop bombs.  They have become a servant class of mercenaries for their rich banker bosses.  Women and children are their prey, and that is who is being killed everywhere.  It is macabre.
  There are no men left in America…they have been sent away to Iraq and Pakistan and Germany and everywhere but here for a reason…so they cannot fight the Fascists in our government who are stealing our tax money and giving it to the rich…class warfare against the middle class, who’s sons fathers and brothers should be home fighting for american freedom from a criminal class at the top.  We need to fight, and there are no men. 
  The women are not good fighters, as they can easily be divided from other women, and in fact, Satan finds their egos so juicy and ripe for him to manipulate, twisting everything decent into a weapon against other women and their children. Women do not make good mothers for the most part, nor do they make good allies for other women. All that needs to be done to keep women from thinking is to reference a big daddy in the sky that wants good little girls to do as their church fathers (largely pedo molesters, and bankers) tell them to do.
But this I tell the women today, the seed of the new year, which will be the last year before chaos comes to america, the same chaos that america has unleashed or allowed everywhere else.  The dupes of the bankers never think it will happen to them.  They continue to support rogue capitalism, and ignore the death and misery and slavery that is at the heart of it.  They think endless wars against the poor will keep capitalism working for America!  The media masters know that people crave democracy, and will fight to the death to get it or to defend it, so they simply call rogue capitalism democracy, but it is not democracy at all.
  The sad fact is, capitalism can only wear a pretty mask for so long, and then its real face is visible.  There are no jobs and no way to bring the troops home, for years.  They took the strongest of our young men and women away from us, so that all we could do was kneel and grovel as they put us out of our homes, and raise the price of food and gas.  Palin sits on top of this Beast, this Hateful Anti-Life Mind Set.  (it’s funny that her base are largely ‘pro-life’ women, who are as anti-life as you could ever be).  They support killing Iraqi fetuses with weapons, rather than in hospitals with trained medical staff. 
 If you hate socialism, then get off of the government rolls.  Fight for this country for free.  Give back your right to retire after twenty years of service, when you are still in your forties.  give back your right to single payer health care.  If the army and the government are the nation’s biggest employers, then at least have the balls to support that government, you tea party socialist traitors!  The army votes republican overwhelmingly!  They fight against their own abilities to be free of the socialism they say they hate!  They do not want their friends and neighbors to have the same big socialist government protections that they have! 
which is it, soldier?  socialism—cradle to the grave big socialist government protection for you and your family, or capitalism–‘free markets”—(Those who will work for the least amount of money get the jobs).  choose now. 
(people say is there really a Satan?  I say, yes, there is real organized evil in this world, and it calls itself Righteous).