Communism for the Rich

and the Armed Forces!  

Free markets (ground floor wages) for the workers whose taxes support the communist system.  
Two Americas. Obama has had less than two years to fix what Bush did to us.  He needs two more.  Do not put in more warmongering republican christian or zionist fascists to further block his attempts to get things done for people in the middle.  If you do that, there will never be any hope for tax payers to receive any representation at all.  Vote left for congress and senate, as left as you can find.  Do not go right another inch!  Left for now, just to get back to the middle, where this country functions best.  Tempered capitalism, regulated instruments of capital for now.  
obama…get some progressive judges appointed immediately.  Fire Rahm Emanuel, as I need him to head up my campaign for President of the USA and joint Prime Minister of Israel.  He can make this happen, and help me save both countries.  He and all the Jewish men of this earth need to gather and hear my demands and my ideas.  They have all lost touch with what the right Jewish things are!  I am certainly not prepared to go to hell and be judged by God for not opposing those who are of my blood, not this last Rosh, not this last Yom Kippur, trust me!!!  It is you who I will judge, on behalf of God Almighty!!